EXSManager Utilities

By Carlos Garza

Redmatica has packaged a collection of utilities for Emagic’s Logic Pro EXS24 sampler in a program called EXSManager.

The batch update function is a valuable feature that updates the locations of sample files in a set of EXS instrument files.  This makes a large improvement in the load times for EXS Instruments.

Another useful feature is the ability to combine sample files into larger sample files to get around the limitation of 10,000 files open by any single program running under OS X.

The program can also identify identical samples found on your hard drive using a file hash to make the comparison.  I was not aware until I ran the program that I had managed to load one of the Opus 1 instrument sets twice.  After manually deleting the clone directory (named with a “.1” at the end by UnStuffit), I re-ran EXSManager to make sure that no instruments pointed to the deleted directory.

At 40 Euro, the Standard Edition covers the most of the essential functions.  The Pro Edition adds the sample merging and sells for 80 Euro.  An upgrade path is available.  This is a must-buy for anyone planning to own a large quantity of EXS24 samples.

See www.redmatica.com for more information.

(c) 2004 Carlos Garza