Nosferatu Jacket Swift 6 The  debut album by Silent Orchestra, Nosferatu A Symphony of Horror is now available.   CD available at CD Baby. Downloads available at iTunes, CD Baby and others.

Our primary goal was to portray the intentions of the film in a way that rings true for the modern audience. While we enjoy classic film music, sometimes a contemporary approach captures the intended mood in a way that better resonates with today’s film audience. We drew upon a broad spectrum of film music as inspiration for our score. We looked at many of the great films that were made after Murnau died. Would he have worked with Hugo Friedhofer, or Franz Waxman? What might those collaborations have sounded like?

Nosferatu Special Edition DVD

Film Preservation Associates and Image Entertainment present the top selling DVD of a classic silent film: Nosferatu – Special Edition

“The real revelation of Image’s new transfer, though, is the spectacular score written and performed by The Silent Orchestra. The score is filled with beautiful melodies that perfectly reflect the action. It’s innovative and imaginative, and greatly enhances the experience of watching the film without distracting from it. I can honestly say that it was like seeing [Nosferatu] for the first time. Added to the score’s effectiveness is the perfect, lush 5.0 recording that includes some very interesting surround effects. ”
– Fred Hunter, The Classics on DVD

Also from Image Entertainment and Film Preservation Associates:
Salome / Lot in Sodom

Salome/Lot in Sodom Fans of Silent Orchestra will delight in the new Image Entertainment DVD release of Salomé with scores by Silent Orchestra and Marc-Olivier Dupin.

“A little more than a year ago, in the auditorium of the National Gallery of Art’s East Building, the duo Silent Orchestra was anything but as they provided a stirring and remarkable soundtrack to the screening of the 1923 silent film ‘Salome.’ Carlos Garza and Rich O’Meara followed it that evening with another moving score to the 1921 movie ‘Camille.’ The combination of the contemporary, artful score and such early-20th-century film work left me eager to hear what Silent Orchestra would do with other movies from the pre-talkie era.”
– Eric Brace, The Washington Post

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