June 2020 

The documentary I scored, call Fighting for Allergy Free Food is now available for rent or purchase on several platforms. All of the music in the trailer, except the opening riser is my music from the film. Check it out: 

January 2020

I have some exciting projects lined up for this year. First and foremost is completion of the Silent Orchestra album, Poe: A Dream Within A Dream. I’ve also scored a bunch of animations, which I will post soon. In the meantime, here’s a found video I scored just for fun:

August 2019

There are a lot of exciting things happening in 2019. Two features are making the rounds in film festivals, Meant To Be Broken (Jonathan Zuck) and Fighting for Allergy-Free Food (Tamar Kummel).  In addition to these excellent features, I also scored some short films to test drive some new virtual instruments and push my writing and arranging skills in new ways.

Here’s a brilliant little film from my hometown filmmaking troupe, DC Dogs. It showcases my jazz and action scoring. The ending is a musical love child of the main characters. Roll over Tchaikovsky…

Scooters and Tutus from DC Dogs on Vimeo.

June 2018

I’m very excited about my latest feature score for MEANT TO BE BROKEN (Jonathan Zuck).  The film is premiering on June 13, 2018 at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, CA as part of the Dances With Films festival. Hope to see you there!

And check out my new composer reel, which features some selections from this new score.


April 2018

BREATHE makes its premiere on April 20, 2018 at the Louisiana Independent Film Festival with a nice spotlight from film critic David Vicari of WHERE Y’AT Magazine. “The music score by Carlos Garza along with the intercutting of Jennifer Awad’s beautiful painting give this heartbreaking film a lyrical power.”


April 2018

Great news suspense/thriller fans! You can now watch WITHIN THE DARKNESS on Amazon Prime Video!

And here is fabulous review of WITHIN THE DARKNESS on Indie Horror Online


October 2016

Our good friend, Nasreen Alkhateeb shot some awesome footage of Silent Orchestra performing our score for the NOSFERATU (1922). The recording is from our 2009 album release, Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror.

Silent Orchestra – Nosferatu Highlights from Silent Orchestra on Vimeo.

July 2015

We just wrapped the director’s cut of the 2014 entry in the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project. This was a special project for me in many ways. First, it is a silent film and getting to work long distance with my Silent Orchestra band-mate, Rich O’Meara was a treat. Secondly my friend Gabe DiMarco added some brilliant emotional depth with his cello playing. Last but not least, working with director, Jonathan Zuck is always an honor. This is one of many, but clearly our finest collaboration.

Sometimes you have to lose everything to recapture what you’ve lost…

June 2015

film_noir_bestMy recording sessions earlier this year came out great. I was fortunate to work with some excellent musicians in the LA area. Check out the new Film Noir and sci-fi demos on the music page.

April 2014

I used a motif driven approach in composing the score for the new Jonathan Zuck film, WITHIN THE DARKNESS (2013), a feature length film about a group of ghost hunters who get more than they bargain for… I created a pleasant waltz theme to introduce the baby’s room early in the film. This darker, minor key version appears at a pivotal scene later in the film. I am working on a tutorial where I will explore the musical motifs and how they develop with the characters in the film. Here’s the teaser, featuring my piece, Dark Nursery.

December 2013

In 2013, I finished my 3rd contemporary feature film (17th film overall), WITHIN THE DARKNESS.  My main contribution to the film was the score, for which I was given a generous amount of freedom in terms of the style and quantity.  I will post some tidbits on the score in the future.  I also designed some sound effects and vocal processing. Here’s a clip where I explain how I created the unsettling sound of the haunted house using multiple tracks of a Chinese instrument called an Erhu and some effects processing in Pro Tools. Are you scared yet?

September 2013

Great news gang… WITHIN THE DARKNESS with score by yours truly has made the official list for the Germany After Dark film festival. The festival runs from Halloween to Nov 6, check us out.

June. 2013

297500_199658770100267_753582647_nI completed the score for WITHIN THE DARKNESS my third indie feature and 18th overall – counting the silent films.  I’ve worked with director, Jonathan Zuck, most of the crew and some of the actors on many 48 Hour Film Projects over the years.  This is our second feature together and one that allowed me to stretch out as both a composer and sound designer.  Working with Jonathan and his team has improved my craft tremendously.  Our lead actor, Dave Coyne, also stepped out this time as our editor and the other sound designer. It’s been very rewarding to collaborate with these guys and I expect some excellent response to WITHIN THE DARKNESS when it hits the festivals this fall.

The year wouldn’t be complete without a few 48 Hour Film Projects to get the creativity flowing.  I wrote music for the DC Dogs entry in the Washington DC 48 HFP.  The result is one of our finest films, PRESCRIPTION.  I also joined some of my regular DC Dogs teammates in our first New York 48 HFP.  The result is a stunning little gem called, APT. 2B.  It was also my 20th 48 HFP!

In the past year, I also collaborated with my Silent Orchestra band-mate, Rich O’Meara on a multifaceted project called, THE UPSIDE OF IRIS.  This is shaping up to be the coolest eBook you’ve ever seen.  You can hear some of our music on the preview page.

November, 2011

The Anthony Faust film, “A Rock and a Hard Place” has been picked up for distribution with Shorts International, the most prestigious distribution company for short films in the world. It was also an official selection in the World Music and Independent Film Festival.

The premiere of the Silent Orchestra score for Metropolis was on May 14, 2011 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. We had a full house again and a standing ovation.

In 2010, I completed the score to A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE.   The film was accepted to the Reel Independent Film Festival (Oct. and the Rehoboth Film Festival in November.  The Fairfax Connection has background on the film and the trailer is on my video demos page.

An interview with yours truly appears on the web site of director, Anthony Faust. Check out the music demos page for a sample.

My silent film music ensemble, Silent Orchestra performed 4 shows last Halloween weekend at AFI Silver in Silver Spring, MD.  We performed Salomé (1923) and NOSFERATU (1922).

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